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FitIt Fitness

FitIt Fitness Services

At FitIt Fitness, we take care to provide you with high quality training programs personalized for your unique fitness goals. We offer one-on-one personal training, and group training. Additional customized services are available for youth and adults. 

One-on-One Personal Training

1 Hour Session $95.00 

45 minute Session $75.00

10 or more 1 Hour Sessions $90.00

10 or more 45 minute Sessions $70.00

Group Personal Training
One-on-One Personal Training

Group Training Sessions

2 people - 1 Hour Session $70.00 Each Person

3 or More people - 1 Hour $60.00 Each Person

Program Features

Our fitness program features customized workout plans tailored to your goals and fitness level, as well as personalized nutrition guidance to help you fuel your body for optimal performance. 


A comprehensive evaluation to assess your specific needs and goals - FREE.

Dynamic warm up and flexibility routines.

Strength, cardiovascular endurance, and motor skill development.

Programs for basic and advanced fitness, post-rehabilitation (back, knee, shoulder, etc.), special needs (post-cardiac care, multiple sclerosis, arthritis, etc.)

Proven dynamic core exercises.

Proven stability exercises.

Proven functional exercises.

Proven Plyometric exercises.

Injury prevention exercises and techniques.

Circuit & Interval training.

Sports specific training (Golf, Tennis, etc.).

Speed Agility Quickness (SAQ).

Personal Trainer in Virginia | Fitit Fitness
"I have been working with Noel since June 2012. He is by far the best trainer that I have worked with. He is very flexible in his timing to work with clients. He also is very adaptable to various challenges. For instance when I broke my leg he continued working with me on upper body strength. When Covid hit he was able to adapt and go online. I would highly recommend Noel as a trainer."
Personal Trainer in Virginia | Fitit Fitness

Mary Beth Alford

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